About the Book

Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind

is an atmospheric children’s novel by Eduard Shyfrin which introduces children to quantum physics and classic morality through an adventure in another universe. Doing for quantum mechanics what Alice in Wonderland did for mathematics, it’s a celebration of the power of words and the role of science, exquisitely illustrated by the talented Tomislav Tomic. Beautifully produced, Travels with Sushi makes a perfect gift, and is an educational, fun and imaginative debut novel. Some of the characters who appear in the book are plucked from the pages of history and legend. Can you spot who they are and why they are famous today?

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About the Author

A lifelong scientist, Eduard Shyfrin has a PhD in Metallurgy from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. For years, Eduard has been fascinated by how to bring mysticism and science together to help shed light on the greatest questions of existence. Travels with Sushi, his debut children’s book, began as a tale to entertain his grandchildren. Seeing how enchanted they were by the story, Eduard was inspired to write a children’s novel that explains quantum physics and classical morality through vivid metaphors and a perilous adventure into an alternate dimension.

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